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Let us help with your Legal Roadmap

We get it; legal issues and requirements are difficult. Our office strives to ensure your legal matters are taken seriously. We are here to answer your questions, discuss your options and offer solutions. Rather than be anxious about the future, give us a call. Consult with our staff on what we can do to help.

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Wills, Estates, and Power of Attorney

Life is a gift - every day is precious. Having a valid and enforceable Last Will and Testament, along with a Representation Agreement and Power of Attorney are important for life planning. Completing these requirement means protecting those closest to you from having to make decisions regarding your future.

Knowing you have completed these requirement means you have protected those closest to you from having to make decisions regarding your future.

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Property Transactions, Subdivisions, and Mortgages

The process of acquiring or selling property is a life-altering decision that has complex legal details, such as contract requirements, financing, size, location and the like. For many, this is one of the biggest decisions in their life!

Knowing this, our team works hard with Realtors, Surveyors, Land Titles Offices and you to ensure that all parties are on the same page and that an agreement can be made with confidence and transparency. Working with a Notary Public removes surprises.

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Notarization, Document Verification, and more...

Many documents require a Notary's signature and approval. When notarized, a document is then known around the world to have been examined and verified. We ensure our knowledge is current. A Notary is your guard against false documents and improper procedures. Trust, but Verify.

What other services do we offer? Click here to see the BC Notary Society page on what a Notary Public can do for you!